As an Advanced Production Systems Consulting and Energy Engineering we are specialists in optimization of all the resources at your company. Improving your competitiveness. Our mission is helping our customers to reach their targets and improve the life at work for their people.


QE2eConsulting was founded by Alfonso Álvarez and Gonzalo Villar, Industrial Engineers with experience at Industrial environments as Automotive and Energy services. Reaching the high quality standards and customer requirements.

Alfonso Álvarez Manzanares
Engineering and Business development Manager
Automotive Industrial Engineer
MBA Business Management
Long experience as Customer Engineer Service and Lean Expert

Gonzalo Villar Adán
Strategy and Operations Manager
Industrial Engineer
Master Efficiency en Sustainability
Master risk prevention Management
Long Experience as Project Manager and Energy Management


Providing more than ten years of experience in Industry Environments. As a result of this knowledge we can analyze and identify the gaps between your organization and your targets. Developing action plans whereby we could align strategy and reality.


Our location is the North of Spain. Every unprofitable business cost is known as a waste by our clients. In our Business environment these costs point directly to the organization competitiveness and QE2 will be your strategic ally, providing expert and profit – making knowledge.


Achieving your targets is the key for success implementing a well maintained management.

The actual crisis situation appears as an opportunity. Providing the excuse to develop and strengthen to the organizations. It will enable the agile adaptation and exploitation in new scenarios.


Implementing high value systems using the LEAN MANUFACTURING tools, working hand by hand with our clients, reaching the goals with them. Uncovering the root causes and making part of the solution, will be the key to take advantage of all of the resources including the energy ones.


People who trust us